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COPA Action Alert
Governor Cuomos 30-Day Amendments are due to be released tomorrow.

This is his last opportunity to add the $45 million to his budget to begin to increase salaries to a living wage. We have been asked to go on a blistering pace of twitter activity over the next 24 hours or until Cuomo releases his 30-day budget amendments.

Below is the request from one of the BFair2DirectCare Coalitions consultants on what he would like to see with the Twitter activity over the next 24 hours:

Lets tell @nygovcuomo he still has a chance to be a hero.
You could include this line:

@NYGovCuomo be a hero, fund a #livingwage @Fair2DirectCare That still leaves about 89 characters for other messaging as you see fit.

Attached is a document with links to recent news stories. Feel free to tweet these and be sure to mention what region theyre from: Rochester, Westchester, NYC, Albany, etc. We want blistering twitter activity. Let the Governor know hes surrounded.

Walking through the Capitol yesterday, I was approached by several people who, unsolicited, mentioned the effectiveness of our campaign  legislators, a Governors staff person, a senior DOH official, and more.

If every agency in the campaign did 10-20 tweets over the next 24-30 hours, and individuals did a few more, imagine the buzz it would create?

Additional things to tweet:







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